Download Windows 10 Pro | Download Windows 10 ISO

Download Windows 10 Pro Without Media Creation Tool.

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s newest operating system, released on July 29, 2015.

Unlike with previous versions of Windows, a legitimate copy of Windows 10 is available for download directly from Microsoft in ISO format.


Not only that, but the tool Microsoft provides for downloading Windows 10 lets you upgrade the computer you’re on to Windows 10, prepare a flash drive with Windows 10 install files, or burn the Windows 10 setup files to a DVD disc.


 Microsoft Provides Its Media Creation Tool For Downloading Windows 10 Genuine ISO. You can’t download Genuine Windows 10 directly from Microsoft Official Website.

WHY Media Creation Tool Is not Good?

Microsoft Media Creation Tool is Very Slow. It takes almost 20-30 Minutes to download a 4GB ISO file With 50Mbps connection. This tool takes a hell lot of time in Downloading Windows 10 ISO parts and rebuilding ISO.
So, In this tutorial i am going to Show You how you can download any Windows 10 ISO directly from Microsoft Website.

But in this tutorial we will be looking at how to download  Windows 10 Pro With Using Media Creation Tool.

Step 1:
Open chrome Web Browser and Search for “DOWNLOAD WINDOWS 10 PRO”. You will see First Link to Microsoft website. Open that link. You will see there is no Direct Download Option to Download Windows ISO.

download windows 10 pro

Step 2: NOW PRESS CTRL+SHIFT+i . It will open Chrome Developer Console.Now click on Toggle Device Toolbar ON LEFT SIDE OF Elements Section. (See Image).Then close the Chrome Developer Console and Refresh the Web Page.

download windows 10 pro

Step 3: Select Windows 10 edition, then Select Language and at last Select 64 BIT / 32 BIT and Click on Download Button to start your Windows 10 ISO Download.

download windows 10 pro iso
download windows 10 pro iso

Watch How to Download Windows 10 Pro ISO without Media Creation Tool.