How to Change MAC Address of Windows 10 Using Technitium MAC Address Changer

What is MAC Address?

MAC (Media Access Control) address is your computer’s unique hardware number. (On an Ethernet LAN, it’s the same as your Ethernet address.) When you’re connected to the Internet from your computer (or host as the Internet protocol thinks of it), a correspondence table relates your IP address to your computer’s physical (MAC) address on the LAN.

MAC address serves as a permanent, physical identifier for any device that connects to a network. That includes your phone, your router, your computer, your printer, your Apple TV, anything that connects to your internet. If your computer has an Ethernet port and a WiFi adapter, you have two MAC addresses: one for Ethernet and one for wireless.

MAC addresses are useful for identifying devices on a network. For home users, you might use MAC filtering to limit access to your Network.  The reason that a MAC address works better for these administrative tasks is that, unlike IP addresses, the MAC address doesn’t change.

Or at least it’s not supposed to.

The MAC address is “burned-in” to the physical device at the factory. But it’s fairly simple to change your MAC address by “spoofing” it as another MAC address.

Change MAC address In Windows using Technitium

Technitium MAC Address Changer is a free open source Windows software which allows you to change(spoof) your MAC address of your Network Interface Card(NIC)for free in 1 single click. It has a very simple user interface and provides ample information regarding each NIC cards in the machine.

In this tutorial we will be using Technitium MAC Address Changer to change our Windows 10 MAC Address.

Lets Begin.

Step 1: First Download Technitium MAC Address Changer Free Software.

Step 2: Install Technitium MAC Address Changer.

Step 3: Find your Current(Permanent) MAC Address Using CMD.Just open CMD and 

Type : getmac /V. It will list all available Network cards(Both Ethernet and Wireless Cards) along with their Permanent Physical Address(MAC)s. 

windows MAC spoofing

Value under Physical Address Column is your MAC Address.(XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX)

Step 4: Now, to Change Windows 10 MAC Address, we need to run  Technitium MAC Address Changer and change the MAC Address.

Open Technitium MAC Address Changer and Select NIC Card whoes MAC Address you want to change.

After Selecting the Desired NIC card, click on Random MAC Address(It will Generate a random MAC address) and click on Change Now.

Well Done, You have successfully changed your MAC address. 

windows 10 mac changer


Again Type getmac /V and compare new MAC address with Old one. You will see your MAC is is changed successfully.

Now, in order to Reset the MAC address you just have to Click on Restore Original in Technitium MAC Changer.